Portable Cannabis Tier 2 Production License For Sale (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Las Vegas, NV, USA
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Medical & Recreational
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Green Life Business Group, Inc
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(619) 770-2699

This unique opportunity to acquire a Cannabis Production License in Las Vegas, Nevada, presents potential buyers with the chance to choose their own location, thereby enhancing its value. The new location has to be a CCB approved facility, and the flexibility to choose it is a significant advantage. This choice empowers buyers to strategically position their operation in a location that best aligns with their business objectives. They can consider factors such as proximity to target markets, access to necessary resources, or the presence of favorable local regulations. This flexibility thereby allows for a more efficient and tailored operational setup, which can be crucial to achieving competitive advantage in the bustling Las Vegas Cannabis Market. Moreover, this is a pre-revenue opportunity, offering buyers the chance to mould the business as per their vision from the very start. The license is debt-free and carries no liabilities, removing potential hindrances and facilitating a smooth transition. Furthermore, the license is approved for both Medical and Adult use. This dual approval expands the potential customer base, enhancing the license’s value and offering a broader scope for revenue generation. In essence, the opportunity is especially beneficial for those looking to expand their business footprint in Las Vegas or newcomers eager to enter the booming cannabis industry. The ability to choose the operation’s location provides a unique advantage, allowing the new owner to shape the business trajectory right from the beginning.

Cannabis Businesses were labeled as essential businesses back in March, 2020, meaning that the Department of Public Health clarified that Cannabis has medical uses, allowing all cannabis businesses to remain open.


CCB Approved License (Relocation needed)
Medical & Adult use
License is free and clear of violations


Tier 2 Producer: Allows the licensee to produce, harvest, trim, dry, cure, and package cannabis into lots for sale at wholesale to cannabis processor licensees and to other cannabis producer licensees.  May also produce and sell: Cannabis plants, seed, and plant tissue culture to other cannabis producer licensees; Immature cannabis plants or clones and cannabis seeds to members of a registered cooperative, qualifying patients, or designated

Asking Price: $1,100,000.00 (Seller Open to Offers)

Must sign an NDA/Waiver and provide Proof of Financials before any other detailed information is released, along with the company’s location. This listing is Fully Exclusive only by Green Life Business Group, Inc.

Samuel Baird, #BUSB.0007095.BKR

Green Life Business Group, Inc DRE CA LIC# 02061374

Elliot Cardenas, DRE LIC CA #02138336

If you have any questions Call Elliot (619) 770-2699


Green Life Business Group Inc. we are here to both help you sell or buy a cannabis business.

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Open & Operational Delivery Service in beautiful San Luis Obispo, ca (JUST REDUCED)

Oceano, CA, USA



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