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Do you have a plan for 2020 Harvest?  We have a complete state of the art 100 lb/hr portable ethanol extraction system available that can be at your site in as little as a week.  We built this for a customer in 2019 who has decided to retire for health reasons.  The system has very little run time and is in excellent condition.  When paired with a generator and propane tank, this unit could be operated as a fully mobile extraction lab!  The system was designed and built in the United States, using name brand equipment, no off-shore garbage.   It is currently set up as batch extractors using dry ice for cooling, but could be easily and inexpensively retrofitted for using other cooling methods.  You will not find a better quality, better integrated system anywhere.


Throughput: 100 lbs/hr (10% moisture biomass) – 2200 lbs per day run 24 hrs

Extraction type:   Two stage counter-current cold (-40 C) or room temperature ethanol

Extractor Type:  Parallel Batch Type Extractors (can be upgraded to basket centrifuge for additional cost)

Solvent Recovery:  Continuous flow falling film evaporator

Solvent usage:  95%+ recovery of solvent used

Decarboxylation:  Twin parallel stainless steel decarb reactors

Winterization:  Built in if operating on cold (-40 C) ethanol


No hazardous occupancy building required

Single point power, water, gas connections

Vastly simpler permitting

Comes completely assembled in 40′ High cube shipping container

Extraction area designed to NFPA Class 1, Div 2, Group D requirements

All hard piped, no manual transfer of liquids between steps

No glassware / rotovaps to clean or break

All pumped transfers, no pressurized solvent containers

Can be run by two operators

Can be chilled with dry ice, liquid nitrogen, or refrigerant chiller (optional)

Includes all process utilities (control panels, boiler, cooling tower, vacuum system, etc)

Designed for rapid startup / shutdown

Can be run single shift and add shifts to increase production

Detailed Equipment Information

Extraction System – 100 lb/hr

Dual batch type extractors with dedicated transfer / circulating pumps consisting of:

Extraction Tanks (2) – 75 gallon (50 lb batch) with insulation jackets

Transfer Pumps (2) – Low temperature (-90 F) XPFC positive displacement gear pumps

Solvent Re-Cooling Tanks (2) – 75 gallon 304SS with insulation jackets

Two stage filtration system – Bag filter / sanitary cartridge filter to 1 micron

Piping – All piping in 304SS Sanitary tube with PTFE gaskets

Intrinsically safe controls

Solvent Recovery System – 100 gal/hr

Falling film evaporator – 100 gal/hr capacity consisting of:

  • Evaporator Feed Tank – 75 gal 304SS
  • Tube in tube economizing heat exchangers (drastically reduces cooling needs!)
  • Feed pump – XPFC 316SS gear type
  • 304SS falling film tube bundle with feed distributor
  • Concentrate Tank/Flash Separator – 10 gal 304SS Sanitary
  • Condenser set – 304SS Plate type
  • Distillate tank – 5 gal 304SS Sanitary
  • Distillate pump – XPFC 316SS Gear type
  • Concentrate pump – XPFC 316SS Gear type
  • Mounting frame – 304SS 2×2 Tube
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump and flash separator
  • Intrinsically safe controls

Decarboxylation System

Parallel batch type Decarboxylation/finishing reactors consisting of:

  • Reactor Vessels (2) – 10 gal Volume, 304SS Sanitary Construction, jacketed bottom head
  • Agitators (2) – High torque dual blade, XPFC motor, mechanical seal for 15 psig/FV
  • Heaters – XPFC Electric heating jackets
  • Mounted in frame to transfer finished extract directly buckets/totes

Utilities / Controls

Heating and cooling utilities sized for system at full operation

  • Boiler – Hot water boiler, 500k BTU, Propane or Natural Gas fired
  • Cooling Tower – 30 Ton evaporative cooling tower with circulating pump
  • Motor Controls  – Nema 12 panel with Motor starters /VFDs with overload protection
  • Process Controls – Intriniscally safe control panel for all field mounted equipment
  • Gas Detection – Combustible gas detectors and alarm system

Container Mounting System

  • 40′ High Cube one trip container
  • Epoxy coated floor and walls in extraction area
  • Dual Class 1, Div 1 Exhaust Fans in extraction area
  • Class 1, Div 1 rated LED Lighting
  • All wiring in Extraction Area Class 1 Div 1 or Class 1 Div 2
  • Steel vapor proof barrier wall between extraction area and Utility Room
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