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1571 Irving Street, Rahway, NJ, USA
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$550,000 Loan/Financing Proposal for Greenwerks LLC

Proposal- GREENWERKS is looking for a $550,000 loan or equity investment at a low-interest rate to acquire a $63M hedge fund for cannabis related infrastructure projects, and to jump-start +$9M domestic capital raise + launch pre-IPO.

Use of Loan Proceeds

$432,000 for the remaining balance of an insurance wrapper on our $63,000,000 Middle Market Convertible Note deal for our New Jersey Sandhill Lenape Infrastructure project.
Cannabis is a key business driver in the agriculture section of our infrastructure projects.
$20,000 to fulfill requirements and reserve 1 of the four cannabis licenses specially offered by the State of New Jersey for our work and close working relationship with the Sandhill Lenape Indians.
$40,000 Greenwerks Legal and Sandhill Lenape project legal, planning, and fundraising for the Sandhill Lenape Indian New Jersey Infrastructure Project.
$35,000 OTC Securities Trading Initiation and to jump-start IPO with a 10% equity exchange for $9,000,000.
Reg A Domestic Capital Raise
$10,000 product portfolio, branding, online store, and website. 
$10,000 Reserve daily expenses.

Return on Investments

1.      GREENWERKS receives its $63,000,00 Credit Line from our government-backed convertible note deal. 

2.      We are launching our Reg A capital raise to trade 10% equity of our company for $9,000,000 with plans to close around three months upon success.

3.      Several private placement companies are looking to help us secure multi-million dollar deals with our projects, products, and services. 

4.      We will have multiple new income streams from our infrastructure projects, online store, services, and products.

5.      We will launch our pre-IPO to have new capital sources from OTC markets and global exchanges.

6.      We have a creditable mission trust broker with an excellent track record of raising hundreds of millions for businesses with mission trusts to help us raise funds for our projects.

7.      We are on track to receive large contracts and grant awards from the U.S. government and other governments for our projects and services. With some of the funds, we will deploy our marketing team to pick up our contracts.

8.      We need a legal framework to maximize and expedite litigations to expedite Sandhill Lenape Indian’s state and federal recognition. Greenwerks is contracted with the Sand Hill Lenape Indians to receive commission-based success fees on litigation and financing.

9.      With needed construction plans and our product portfolio, companies want to invest millions more with us. 



We are asking for a standard three-month term to pay back the loan. However, with our plans in motion, we are projected to have the funds available to repay the loan early, within one month to 2 months. 


We prefer a balloon payment structure for the loan but are willing to accept alternative terms. 


Based on all the deals we are in, opportunities we are pursuing, capital sources we are establishing, and streams of income we will bring to GREENWERKS; we know for sure we will have this $550,000 loan paid off in 3 months or less.


Some of our team members and partners are consolidating our credit files to obtain unsecured credit-based financing of $600,000. We need 30 days to have extra capital reserves available to reduce debt and opportunities. Our $600,000 will be used as additional reserves pay back a $550,000 bridge loan as another way to pay off or to help pay off the $550,000 loan.




Damon Mason (CEO)







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