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These extraction systems are not complete.  They were used as spare pieces for other units.  What is left still works and replacement parts to complete the systems and make them ‘stand-alone’ may still be available for order from the manufacturer. 

We have spoken with John Ritter at Precision Extraction Solutions about these units and his opinion was that the 2016 model would not be able to be certified under today’s stringent inspection rules and therefore, would likely be used in less formal environments.

The 2017 model can today, still be ‘certified’ for usage in legal extraction labs.

We are attaching the original Sell sheets for these products and a current Price sheet.

Feel free to contact Mario at 818-209-8643 if you have any questions.

2017 – PXP 

Item:  2017 Collection Tank  TK-C-17PXP

Originally Sold for: $3,900.00

Description:  2017 PXP Collection Tank


Item:  2017 Solvent Tank     TK-S-17PXP

Originally Sold for $2,900.00

Description:  2017 PXP Solvent Tank


Item:  2017 PXP Pro Stand    ST-17PXP

Originally Sold for $3,000.00

Description:  PXPRO Stand per Precision Design (2017 design with 6″ clamp, large wheels, and room for a lift) change clamps to fit the size of the spool.


2016 – PX1

Item:  2016 Collection Tank  TK-C-16PX1

Originally Sold for: $1,275.00

Description:  PX1 2016 Collection Tank 8″ wide x 24″ Spool with 10″ wide x 21″ high Jacket, with 1/2″ male NPT on Jacket, Leave 35MM for Clamp.


Item:  2016 Collection Bowl    SS-CB-16PX1

Originally Sold for: $530.00

Description:  2016 PX1 Collection Bowl – 8″ wide x 3″ -10″x3″ deep, Tri-Clamp Collection Bowl, Jacketed with 1/2″ male NPT inlet/outlet, LEAVE 35mm for Clamp, rounded bottom with 1/4″ pour spout FNPT outlet.


Item:  2016 PX1 Stand         ST-16PX1

Originally Sold for: $1,166.00

Description:  PX1 Stand per Precision Design.

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