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Company Name : Premises Lab- The White Knight
Phone : 4135121057

Here at  Premises Labs we meet to discuss your plans and objectives for the short-term and long-term growth of your farm, using the White Knight. Upon approval of the  final TWK layout, we provide 3-D imaging for the newly designed, personalized unit.  

We provide rigging and lift plan for loading/offloading TWK and review special considerations for your specific location. We provide drawings of the site, TWK layout and estimates for all site work that needs to be completed for preparation for delivery.

Next, we perform an operational and compliance assessment, with input from you, on the current operation and areas of improvement for the new facility.  This will include site layout, delivery and setup planning, TWK layout, including lighting and watering solutions, security,  and other relevant details.

With the production information supplied by you, our experts perform a review of the existing farm to determine: processing and cultivation expansion recommendations, power and water requirements now and in the future, and develop a current monthly cost to revenue model to help determine facility requirements, expectations and limitations.

Important: We assist in any municipal licensing and permitting required, pertaining to the installation of TWK units.

Finally, before we lock the total cost estimate for the solution(s), we provide you with the 3-D “As-Builts” of their purchased lab They are  stamped and signed by our resident PE and site plan as a guideline for experimental documentation restrictions, and future design.

In terms of lighting and equipment, we provide recommendations for solutions based on the inputs and preferences from your cultivation plans. We can purchase the lights, tables, irrigation systems and include this in the Purchase Order so it can all be financed – or you can purchase TWK without these components.For craft cultivators, our company – Premises Labs – deliver lab grade, facilities ready for permitting x 3 faster than construction. To do this, we invented, The White Knight. Unlike a container, The White Knight is a high yeild grow room optimized for craft cultivators.  

Built like a shoe-box, it is twice the size of a 40 feet shipping container, with two floors/rooms delivering 640 sq. ft of Canopy. The White Knight is designed from the ground up and is licensed equipment.

But we’re not just delivering lab grade grow rooms. We guide each producer through the permitting process and work with them to safely and efficiently scale their canopy to ensure quality can be maintained as they grow organically.

Unlike a container, The White Knight is a lab grade grow room optimized for craft cultivators. It is twice the size of a 40 feet shipping container, with a bottom and top room at 640 sq ft of canopy. The White Knight is designed from ground up and is licensed equipment – not a container.

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