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In 2016 KorLor420 hit the ground running with Premium Rosin Filter Bags. 

Offering the first  100% Silk Organic bags along with the standard nylon bags. 

Designed the fold-over closure flap.

Designed seamless side bags. 

We were almost ahead of our time. 

2016-2018 were very successful.

In 2019, Stripe abruptly shut down our payment processing abilities.  Google thought surely we were working for El Chapo, so they banned us from advertising.  Ebay & Paypal also decided we were too big of a risk with the Feds!  So I decided to set this business aside for a few years and see where the industry is. 

And here we are 3 years later. Decision time!   I wish I had the drive  I had in 2016, but I have moved on in a completely different direction. (I am now a life coach, specializing in grief)

This is a great business for someone who is in the business already. Or someone wanting to run their own company.  I have everything you need to start selling the bags/filters tomorrow.   2000+  Filter Bags in various microns and sizes.  Nylon & silk Raw materials for special orders/sizes. Customer List. 

The filter bags retail for between $2 & $10 each


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