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We are an established and professional, family owned cannabis company with over 40 years combined experience in all types of cannabis cultivation, extractions, nursery operations, wholesale, retail, branding, and much more.

We are currently located in beautiful, sunny Santa Barbara County and we have a legal non-conforming property allowing us to grow approx 43000 sq ft of canopy, along with a large nursery, before the approval of a CUP.  We will be expanding beyond this to a minimum of 6 acres of canopy that is located on other properties that we have currently going through the CUP process for manufacturing, cultivation, nursery, distribution, and retail delivery, as well as leasing out 15 to 20 additional acres, as well as contracts to be the sole manufacturer, processor, distributor, etc of all material. 

More details on inquiry.

$300K minimum.  $1+ million total in 2 final phases; Serious investors only, ready to move fast.

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