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Item # 10 – 500L Single-effect Evaporator

Structure description: New and unused, uses external circulation combined with vacuum evaporation way, column pipe condenser, coil pipe cooler chilling system

Equipment composition: :

A, Heater: F=10.0 500L Single-effect Evaporator

B, Evaporation chamber full volume 1000L

C, Gas-liquid separator

D, Condenser: F=18m2 E, Receive tank: volume 250L

F, 3.85KW vacuum pump

Surface treatment: inside mirror polishing, outside mate polishing, inline with GMP standards

Insulation material: heater uses rock wool, evaporation chamber uses PU 5,

Material and thickness:

Heater δ=4mm/ S304 B, Evaporation chamber δ=5mm/ S304 C, Outer cladding δ=2mm/ S304 

Receive tank δ=5mm/ S304

Work pressure: heat steam:0.09Mpa, vacuum degree: 0.06-0.08Mpa

Equipment configuration :

A, Clean ball, vacuum gauge, thermometer, air vent valve, explosion-proof sight glass light, etc.

B, explosion-proof vacuum pump (240V, 60HZ, 3P)

Performance description: suitable for water, alcohol liquid concentration: can also recover organic solvent;

Vacuum is stable during operation process,

It is easy to clean”


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