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Say goodbye to aggressively milling, grinding, or weed- whacking your precious flower to dust. The Revolution utilizes an extremely sharp, custom dual-blade system to slice through flower directly and with scissor- like motions for the cleanest cuts possible, minimizing product degradation and maximizing potency.

AVOID CLOGGING & BUILD-UP                           

The closed-loop system self-regulates the feed of material by stopping the auger to allow for blade chamber clearing when high amperage (a clog) is detected. Auto-blade oscillation then compels both the serrated and “S” blade to change direction every 5 seconds, creating multi-dimensional cuts and clearing the way to prevent clogs before they happen.


The Revolution produces the proper particle sizing crucial to pre-roll efficacy and achieving the highest yields in extraction. In addition to product cost savings, by eliminating handfeeding and the constant emptying of a barrel or bag, the grinder helps increase your profit margins by speeding up processing and decreasing your labor costs.

VK 200 Distillation System
The VTA VK 200 is made for industrial-scale hemp processing facilities, with a throughput capability of  40,000 mL/h.
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