Price : $750
Listing Type : Cultivation/ Production
Status : ACTIVE
Medical or Recreational : Recreational
Sale Type : Cash
Phone : 415-240-2870

This is the opportunity for any successful dispensary owner to bring their cost inputs down, margins up, as well as save big on 280E. This is a tier one OLCC licensed production facility in Portland, Oregon.  The facility is housed in an IG2 zoned steel building built in 1981 on a one-acre lot.  5 year lease (with expressly stated permission for legal cannabis use and 5 year renewal option) of 7,700 SF.  5,000 SF fully built out to state of the art grow facility, currently producing75 lbs of craft, top shelf flower.  Remaining 2,700 SF just passed BDS permitting. Option to develop an additional 3,000 SF of greenhouse cultivation space. 


But let’s be clear here, we are not just selling a bunch of empty rooms with equipment and the ‘potential’ to grow good product. We are selling the entire business which includes over 800 plants in all phases of growth cycle with an average monthly yield of 75 pounds, along with 38 active accounts to sell that product to. We have a highly developed IPM (integrative pest management) operating procedures that have allowed us to consistently produce 100% pesticide free product cycle after cycle. Statewide sales data reveals that we are amongst the top 10% of producers in the state, which is especially remarkable given the size of our facility. This is a testament to both the consistency and quality of the product that we are producing, as well as the efficiency of the systems that we have in place.

You will be able to turn a revenue immediately upon purchase of this business with genetics in all phases of growth cycle and use of active accounts.

What’s In The Building

Flowering Rooms

Each of the 3, 840 SF flowering rooms contains:

2 5 TON United Refrigeration AC/heat pumps

2 Quest 155 dual dehumidifiers

16 18” occilating fans

21 gavita 277 volt double ended light fixtures

7 Sunlight Supply commercial 277 volt CMH fixtures

2 cold vapor humidifiers on remote hygrometers

Centrally controlled 750 pound stainless steel central CO2 system

1 HP light giant irrigation pumps

14” spiral ducting with 4 way adjustable louver air registers

2 duct mounted PGI/UV cells

Emergency 14” exhuast system with custom HEPA Filter boxes and carbon filters

Titan co2 and humidity control equipment

Nursery is equipped similar to flowering rooms.

8 proven strains in rotation all selected phenotypes from seed.

Ancillary Space

Climate controlled office and storage space with 2, 850 lbs Second Amendment brand safes. 8′ front corridor, 4′ rear corridor provides security moat and workspace. Fully encrypted, cellular connected security system, overhead motion sensors in all cultivation rooms. 25, 1080 x 720 cameras on NVR with 90 day storage and emergency backup, network connected for remote viewing. 2 ODA certified and calibrated scales (20 kilo floor scale accurate to 1 gram and 1 kilo desktop scale accurate to .01 gram), printer, file cabinets, desk, office supplies…everything you need.

Full gardening staff trained on all in house SOP’s including propagation IPM and post harvest drying, trimming and curing.

Professional Service

ADP Payroll

Allied Fire and Security (alarm)

Bookkeeping and CPA services

legal counsel on retainer

laundry service for employee uniforms

insurance services: workers comp, liability

Heavily discounted hydro supply account

OxArc CO2 delivery




Strain specific flower sales by POS data analytics. 

Capable of 75 lbs output per month. 

All genetics, blueprints, engineering and ipm plans included in sale.

469 lbs strain specific flower sold in 2018, 

38 active accounts.

10 strains in current rotation. 

800 plus plants in process. 

Ranked in the top 10% of Oregon producers for sales

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