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| Validated Science | PayPal guaranteed sample kilos


Isolate Derived: $3,000/ ltr consists of 500,000mg’s of CBD (bio-equivalent) powder (kg) or solution (ltr).


Bio-enhanced HEMP Full Spectrum: $3,000/ ltr @ 200,000mg’s of CBD (bio-equivalent) powder (kg) or solution (ltr).


nånoHEMP technology encases the CBD molecules with safe-to-use, non-toxic compound ingredients (FDA approved and GRAS listed).


This is done through a proprietary absorption matrix @10-20nanometers for superior absorption breaking the ‘blood brain barrier’ into the blood stream for full absorption and swift efficacy.


We have 20x more absorption than that of the leading CBD competitor.

* Proven by science and preclinical’s *


nånoHEMP is a scientifically proven superior Raw material which saves money, both in time and labor for formulators & manufacturers.


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