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Green Tree Researech, LLC is a pioneer in on-the-ground cannabis investment research. Green Tree goes beyond basic background checks  peeling back the layers, often built up by seemingly respected but sycophantic cannabis industry investments, equity position projects, proposed financial projections, and forward-thinking projects. We pride ourselves on assessing a company’s true worth, and being able to see through the opacity and hype that some managements and project designers create. Our research approach is to combine diverse talents, including forensic accountants, trained investigators, valuation experts and entrepreneurs, many of whom have hands-on experience running cannabis businesses in the U.S. and emerging markets.

Green Tree produces three types of research product: Business fraud, accounting fraud, and fundamental problems. Business fraud reports focus on issuers that have massively overstated their revenues. Accounting fraud reports cover real businesses that boost profits through fraud. Fundamental problem reports discuss opaque businesses that have serious fundamental problems that the market does not yet perceive.

Our team consists of former law enforcement, investigators, and advisors in the legal cannabis industry. Along with combined backgrounds in corporate finance, cannabis industry business development, and operations, our team has a track record of identifying and assessing potential risk.

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