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Price : $400,000
Status : ACTIVE
Sale Type : Cash, Financing, Owner Financing
Company Name : Grace Equipment Specialists LLC
Phone : 401-742-4812

Price of $400,000 is per boiler

CBEX Elite 700-1800-200ST electrical characteristics (460/3/60) 62, 100lbs/hr out put (from & at 212F). Minimum 50degrees combustion air required. Operating pressure 175 psig. Fuel series 700 gas, fire gas fuel: natural gas (specific gravity 0.6) gas train type: Maxon, gas train site pressure minimum requirement: 12 psig, gas train size 4″, job sitr altitude 476′, 100hp blower motor, Insurance requirement: GE-GAP (NFPA-85) FM (Submittal included) Standard Main LWCO level master modulating proportional type.
Packages Includes:
3 The CBEX elite boiler does not including an UL label
Firetube manual (8) CBEX elite 1300-2200HP////variable speed drive, hawk ICS level
1 master 11//hawk ICS master panel draft control O&M hawk ICS & O2 trim CB780E/784E burner control & operating info hawk 4000
1 Fuel series 700 gas
3 Horsepower 800 HP
3 Pilot type: gas
3 Emission level: 30 ppm NG
3 O2 Requirements: constant 3% O2 across turn down range N/A 3 Boiler Safety value setting 200lb ST
3 Steam Nozzle size 12″ flanged 300lbs RF
3 Feedwater Connection: 3″ NPT

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