Cannabis & Hemp Insurance
Price : $1,400,000
Listing Type : Investment Opportunities
Status : ACTIVE
Cap Rate : 97526
License Type : Medical & Recreational
City Tax Rate : 3
Company Name : Tamerans Dispensary
Phone : 3107755072

Tamerans, located in the beautiful territory of Southern Oregon. We have won multiple customer service awards, being one of the highest rated dispensaries in Oregon.  Well trained and happy staff with strong loyalty. Owner is looking for a silent partner to help fund initiatives to open 5 more shops. Tamerans is rated the second highest dispensary in all of Southern Oregon.  

Option 1- Help fund 1 Dispensary Opening
280k Investment- Gets you 20%. Financials are based on Tamerans existing operations.
1st yr of operations (meaning once the doors open) up to 23% ROI
2nd yr of operations- up to 47% ROI 
3rd yr of operations- up to 70% ROI
4th yr of operations- up to 94% ROI
Option 2- Help fund 5 dispensaries 
1,400,000 Investment gets you 30% of all 5 dispensaries. 
1st yr of operations with all 5 stores operating – up to 30% ROI (based on current financials x 5stores) around 450k
2nd yr of operations can be up to 70% ROI 
3rd yr of operations can be up to 106% ROI
4th yrs of operations could be up to 141% ROI
Option 3-  Under 10% ownership
There are also smaller investment options, so that investors can avoid government reporting for banking purposes. 
If down the line, the chain sells, the estimated profits from a sale of 5 or more shops with a lower multiplier (to be considerate) of 5x for 30% stake in the company could be up to an additional $2,475,000 on top of the ROI earned back each year of operations. Easy and simple exit strategies. 
The average ROI a yr from banks right now 1.5%. These numbers have been factored based on Tamerans original location and market share. Tamerans is 1 of 16 dispensaries in a populated county of only 80k. The locations I am scouting are located in larger demographics such as Bend, and Northern Oregon locations. Tamerans currently generates 1,500,000 in sales a yr.
If you are interested in learning more, feel free to email me at savagecannabisconsulting@gmail.com
Happy Holidays, 
Azariea Savage
Tamerans CEO
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