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Purchased in 2019 for $3,800. Used briefly for one season. Works great, just no longer in the hemp growing business.

Simple and safe. Cuts your bucking time in half. Makes the trimming process faster, and with less damage to your delicate flowers. A stand is included. It comes equipped with five different die plate sizes:

·         1/8″

·         3/16″

·         1/4″

·         5/16″

·         3/8″

This bucking machine is as simple as it gets. Simply feed a branch into the right size die hole, and the rubber rollers within the machine will grab the brand and pull it through, with your flowers being left on the other side, collected in a bin.

NOTE: Only use the Trimpro Bucker on wet flower, immediately after harvesting. Attempting to use dry flower with this machine can damage the machine and the flower itself.

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