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As one of the top selling products, with more than 100 units sold, the DR10 has been around since the beginning of TruSteel. It’s easy to use, and the affordability is unmatched. For those of you still researching and learning the process, the DR10 decarboxylates and devolatilizes your “crude oil.” This means it removes the carboxyl group of the cannabinoid molecule in the form of CO2 and water vapor. In simpler terms, this process actives the cannabinoids for topical or edible use by converting the acidic form (THCa for example) into a neutral form. This affects the thickness of the product, and certain cannabinoids will only crystallize in one form versus the other. Decarboxylation reduces the vapor pressure of the cannabinoids, which is crucial for post-processing in a wiped film evaporator. The heat also will remove residual solvents left over from the solvent recovery step and should yield a product that tests ND (none detected) for solvents and acidic cannabinoids.

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