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Sealed perfect environment grow room nicely built that can make you money for years to come. Can sell with equipment or without. Let’s make a deal.  Perfect for the professional grower who doesn’t live in the perfect climate. Al over built to handle the stress of 24/7 grow operation. Great investment. Very discrete. Low Maintenance. Easy to clean. Fully insulated and drywalled and painted with anti mold and insect paint. Maintains the same temperature no problem year round with heat over 110 degrees. Can maintain temperatures of 60 degrees during colder months. Built with the highest quality materials and equipment. Easily be hooked up or shipped anywhere in the world. Make Your Money Back And More With One Harvest. Can be used for any type of growing from hydroponics to soil from propagation to harvest. From medical marijuana to tamatoes 

45’ high cube 

8’ wide

9.6’ tall 

290 sqft growing space. 

220v 75 amp power required. 

-Double door solid door with cypher coded lock plus natural container door for extra security. 

-Complete titan Co2 rain system 

-Linoleum floor with rolled wall lip for a perfectly waterproof design that’s easily cleaned, mopped or hosed out. 

-5 ton Aspen multi position air handler with 5 ton goodman a/c split unit

-8 Dimlux Double ended bulb 1000watt HPS lights with automated lighting system controller that monitors room temperature, humidity, VPD and plant temperature.

-Two Ideal air dehumidifiers one 110 pint and one 180 pint

-Titan Helios light controller MLC

-12 hurricane 18” wall mount fans

-2 hurricane 20” floor fans 

-recessed green LED lighting for “night” work

-can easily be hooked to a 100 amp breaker panel. 

-Adjustable exhaust fan that aids 

-plumbed water spigot. 

-Professionally wired with 20 dual gang outlets so you can plug anything in anywhere if needed. All over built. 

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