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Price : $300,000
Listing Type : Warehouse/Industrial
Status : ACTIVE
Size : 0

For sale is a cultivation business in a 10,770 sq. ft warehouse in Oakland California. We have lease options for 7 years (currently below market rate). The lease/landlord and the City of Oakland allow uses for; cultivation, volatile/combustable, distribution, and retail. The lease is fully assignable.

This is a turnkey business and it is ready for a new owner to begin cultivation immediately.

We have developed only 20% of our floor space. If fully developed for cultivation there is space and power for 250 to 300 1000w lights.

The remaining space is also ideal for developing multi use.

We turned the lights on 2 1/2 years ago, and built the existing rooms using all new materials and equipment.

Existing Structure

5 flower rooms and 2 veg rooms

Each room is identical W16 x L22 x H13

2 rooms fitted with 9 Gavita 1000w DE

3 rooms and fitted with 30 300w CMH

Veg rooms fitted w 300w CMH

5 ton HVAC per room

Quest and Ideal Air 120 pint dehumidifiers

Wall fans

Odor mitigation

6 custom rolling tables per flower room

Natural gas for Co2 burners

Fire sprinklers

Building Specs

600 amps/ 480v power with 400 additional amps available

We are in Oaklands desired Green and Volatile zone

10,777 sq. ft in a conventional rectangular shape 125’ x 85’

Two roll up loading doors, one on each end

Two standard entry doors, one next to a roll up and one on a third side

Concrete walls with a 14 ft high clear span from floor

Open roof system with 6 large sky lights

Additional loft space possible with ceiling heights varying to 9 feet

24 hr surveillance and armed security

Secure parking lot with automatic gate

Current structure up to code (with some electrical excepted)

Fire sprinklers recently installed

There are 4 other Cannabis Industry tenants in our complex. Our landlord intends to dedicate all remaining space (approximately 60,000 sq. ft) to industry tenants. Space will be available in the near future. Existing tenants will have first consideration.

The selling price is $300,000. After the “buy in” a purchaser would be responsible for all of the conditions of our lease including first and last months rent and security deposit.

If it is deemed in the best interest of all parties, we are willing to retain a small percentage of our LLC and temporarily “partner” in order to most smoothly integrate with our landlord and or to preserve our legal status.

Although not our priority, we will also consider dividing the warehouse with the existing cultivation space on one side and the other side available for investors who want to develop other uses such as volatile/combustable/concentrates, distribution or retail. The cultivation half would include our existing rooms and space to build three additional similar size rooms, which would then have the potential for 100 to 130 1000w lights.

We also welcome investors who may be interested in working with us to fully develop the property and potential

The current legal owner is eligible for a desirable “Equity”  permit from the city of Oakland. Our Collective and LLC were established before January 2015 which qualifies us for priority state licensing (SB94 Laws (MAUCRSA)). This also provides a legal umbrella for us to continue cultivation operations during 2018 without a new permit from the City of Oakland.

This is a RARE opportunity for those who have the funding to move into the legal future of the industry. If you are financially capable, you can begin legal operations right now!

Please email us a quick bio and let us know what kind of business you have or are interested in

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