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Price : $500,000
Status : ACTIVE
Size : 2000
Lot Size (Acres) : .5
Power (AMPS) : 300
Cannabis or Hemp Use Allowed? : Cannabis and/or Hemp
Year Built : 1952
Sale Type : Cash
Utilities : Water, Electricity, Gas, Sewer, Trash

NOTE: Private listing only until late spring, only posted here until prepared for sale…the closer the house gets to sale-ready/staged, the higher the price I’ll be looking for. Listing will become publicly available as soon as it’s ready if still available. Minimum offer: $400,000. 100’s of pictures upon request – email thomas.c.zinn@gmail.com


I am presenting a unique and amazing home buying opportunity for someone interested in indoor cultivation (plants, fungus, etc). I used this for cannabis (medical marijuana) crops, but the setup can be used for any plants or fungus. This property could also be used for cryptocurrency mining and/or hospitality (airbnb for example). It is located within walking distance (3 minutes) of an upscale golf course with a huge driving range, within 2 miles of multiple shopping centers, grocery stores, and other necessary entertainment venues. It is zoned residential, but has been used in the past as a commercial property with approval from the city, and is currently configured as follows:

  • Utilities: There are separate utilities (electric, water) for the home and the garage basement (growing/mining area). This allows for easy attribution of expenses. Fully operational CCtv security system (8 cameras) with 14-days on-site storage. All other utilities (sewer, trash, recycling, gas) are shared.

  • House: 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with VERY large master bedroom/bathroom (almost 1/3 of the home) – Every room, except kitchen, has new updates and improvements in the last 4 years including complete living room and small bathroom remodels – Could use new paint in a few rooms (my children like weird colors), but I’d be happy to have these primed neutral for you – Major landscaping overhaul in last year. All gutters replaced with LeafFilter (Eliminates gutter cleaning). Home is currently configured for a single family with ~2,000 sq/ft of living space. However, there are two front entrances with dual walkways, so could be converted to two apartments.

  • House Basement: This is a humongous space consisting of 3 rooms that are currently unused. There is a primary basement area with all of the utilities (furnace – 2010, hot water heater – 2012, washer/dryer – 2020). There is a room that could be a basement if remodeled, or a simple game room. There is another room with a walkout to the backyard that the previous owners had a living room and hot tub in (the room walls are knotty pine for moisture control).

  • Detached Garage Basement: The garage has multiple levels, with the basement being the primary growing and/or mining area. The garage basement is concrete all around except the entrance door, with three rooms, and currently wired for 300 amps. Each primary grow/mining room (2) is fully wired to code (inspected and approved by city) and each equipped with a 4-ton air handler with Nest Pro thermostat, many grounded 3-prong outlets per room, 220 sq/ft (Total dimensions per room: 22.5′ L x 11′ W x 7.2′ H) grow space per room. 

    • Complete ground-up build (all inspected and all to code, cleared with city on every step) of grow space including: separate water line from city (w/ heating for winter use), separate electric line to garage from city (with up to 300 amps of service – this is necessary), 3 rooms totaling 440 sq ft of grow space – 2 large fully sealed rooms for optimal growing conditions, 2 4-ton air handlers (one in each grow room), each room wired for centralized 240v box for up to 8 lights per room (can run DE HPS) (WARNING – The room is 7.2″ tall so the grower must be familiar with sea of green (plus LST) technique for proper plant control)

  • Detached Garage: The upstairs (parking) area of the garage is huge (~850 sq/ft), with a one-stall entrance, but big enough to store two vehicles. It comes equipped with a workbench, tons of cabinets, a set of steps leading to an upstairs (not livable – thin floorboards) used for storage.


Here are the things I find most attractive about this offer:

  • Opportunity to have an at-home profitable business making upwards of $200,000 / yr in proceeds (Not guaranteed and based on abilities) with very little additional investment for 4 years – I was able to grow 12lbs per room per 3 months = 96lbs / yr * $2,000/lb (worst case – I was pulling 3K/lb for most of the journey) = $192,000 / yr. NOTE: Cryptocurrency mining could be much more profitable.

  • Great neighborhood and school system (great neighbors on all sides – no problems ever).

  • Address is in lower tax area, while school system is higher tax area.

  • 3 minute walk to upscale golf course with massive driving range.

  • Completely separate water and electricity to garage, where growing rooms are located, for simplified finances


Full price offer optionally includes:

  • New (2020 purchase) top-of-the-line Fort Knox safe ($6800)

  • All window treatments (Levolor blinds everywhere, thick, room-darkening)

  • 4 Fluence Bioengineering (state-of-the-art) SpyderX 2p LED lights (https://fluence.science/products/spydr-series/) – two used around 6,000 hours each (Lifespan of 50,000-70,000 hours) (Originally purchased 10/25/18, received 11/2/18, replaced by manufacturer with newer model 1/4/19 – Still under 5 year warranty)

  • 4 Fluence Bioengineering (state-of-the-art) UV-B and 4 Fluence Bioengineering (state-of-the-art) IR Add-On strips (https://fluence.science/products/ray-series/) – Lifespan of 156,000 hours each (Less than 20 hours used on 2 of them)

  • Remaining supplies – Unused nutrients (Organic – RAW brand), Used mason jars if you want them (MANY), Shelving (2-$100 & 1-$250 all metal shelves), unopened carbon filters, new replacement bulbs (DE HPS), plus many more miscellaneous supplies from the growing process

  • Access to name and contact information of primary grow room builder, water/electricity installer, and head grower (for 2 grow cycles) for ongoing maintenance ($75/hr and available on-call in winter)

  • Access to name and contact information for air handler installer for ongoing maintenance (Rate is unknown at this time)


Why am I selling? It’s taken me 2 years to finally be okay with selling this property. I’ve enjoyed it while I’ve owned it and have enjoyed the experience along the way, but I’m now looking at getting married again, combining families, and changing my future.

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