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Price : $150,000
Listing Types : Equipment / Lab & Extraction
Status : ACTIVE
Sale Type : Cash, Financing
Company Name : SPD Systems Corp
Phone : 17204024451

Used- SPD Systems Corp Wiped Film Shortpath Distillation System. Model SPD-8.0 3x stage. 1st stage = Rolled Film Evaporator. 2nd stage = Wiped Film Shortpath. 3rd stage = Wiped Film Shortpath. Throughput of 8L/hour per stage for decarbed, winterized crude ~50-60% potency. 1st stage (Rolled Film) capable of removing 15% residual solvent or terpenes. Automated operation via 21″ touchscreen PLC controlling all vacuum pumps (Leybold), gear pumps and temperature controllers/chillers (Julabo) isolated for each stage. Operating capabilities up to 300 degree C and 0.00001 mbar. Thermal well style cold trap for dry ice acetone OR upgrade to tube-bundle and chiller option. Multiple-stages allows for continuous processing and minimal operational costs (requires 1.5x operators for loading, collecting and monitoring). System is fully jacketed for consistent temperature control (no heat guns or electrical mantles).

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