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The Vincent Model CP-12- K71 10 HP 480/230 volt. food grade stainless steel continuous screw press uses a 12 inch diameter interupted flight screw running inside a screen, to continuously remove free liquid from material in an extremely wide range of applications. This type of press is used extensively in the food industry for production of fruit juice such as grape juice, in the production of food ingredients where an alcohol solution must be squeezed from foods such as soybean protein, pectin, and Xanthan gum. More mundane applications call for separating water from waste streams at food processing factories; for solids separation from waste-water with dewatering and compaction of waste material for clean, economical transportation. In many cases these waste solids are thus converted into animal feeds or marketable by-products. Examples include orange peel from orange juice production facilities; sugar beet pulp and trash from sugar beet mills; and spent brewer’s grain from breweries. Screw presses are also widely used in the pulp and paper industry to separate water from cellulose fiber A growing use of screw presses in is dewatering dairy and hog manure as part of nutrient 

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