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Listing Type : Investment Opportunities
Status : ACTIVE
Company Name : FattSacs, Solvent-Free Cannabis Concentrates, LLC
Phone : 9169368727




5000-15000 SQ FT




FattSacs, Solvent-Free Cannabis Concentrates


Opportunity presently exist for owners of vacant, under-developed or semi-dilapidated commercial real estate here in Sacramento City, California. The passage of Proposition 64 in November 2016, affords owners/managers an uncommon prospect to sell, lease and/or redevelop their asset(s). 


FattSacs seeks a partnership.  We are not fancy-high priced developers, but regular people.  Our aim is to operate a small manufacturing plant that uses NO solvents whatsoever in any of our processes.  In addition to solvent-free extractions and distillation, FattSacs will package and refine for industry partners across the State. 


If you own or manage vacant commercial real estate within Sacramento City limits and are considering a strategic business arrangement, where the parties benefit from a cooperative relationship, i.e. redevelopment, co-City plan, profits distribution, and or a business interest, the time is now for discussion.


Call or email us today for a exploratory discussion!! / (916) 936-8727



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