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Price : $100,000
Status : SOLD
Sale Type : Cash
Company Name : Advanced Biomedics LLC dba ILERA Holistic Healthcare
Phone : 7206208934

Pressure compensated dripper stake grow irrigation with a Dosatron fertigation system and (10) custom ebb and flow grow benches for sale. (includes design documents for installation) Quantity of (10) ebb & flow benches measuring 4′ x 150′, 30″ finished height, and 4′ x 150′ plant support systems. This combination of cultivation equipment and irrigation/fertigation machinery would supply 6,080 square feet of canopy. The irrigation/fertigation systems were designed for 304 plants per bench; that’s a total of 3040 plants. Each bench is fitted with (3) lateral drip irrigation lines where each plant will receive (2) 2L/HR pressure compensated drip stake irrigation assemblies w/barb stake. An emitter is inserted into the 16mm lateral line and each lateral line is fitted with a shutoff valve.

We are asking $35,600 for irrigation/fertigation system OBO and we are asking $65,000 for custom benches OBO. Or a package deal for $100,000 OBO.

Those interested can also purchase a 10,080 sqft greenhouse equipped with horizontal air fans, 3 furnaces, I-Link automation controls, motorized thermal shades, motorized wall screens and motorized roof vents. Click here to view. 

Please reach out to us for more details!

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