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The benefits of working with carbon dioxide

Unlike alternative extraction techniques, Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) provides pure, solvent-free extracts by utilizing carbon dioxide. SFE is a green alternative to solvent-based extraction techniques. The properties of a supercritical fluid can be altered by varying the pressure and temperature, allowing selective extraction. The low viscosity of supercritical carbon dioxide allows it to penetrate into the material more easily while its diffusivity allows for faster extractions. CO2 is an environmentally friendly solvent that leaves no residue.


Key features

Enhance pressure capability

  • Extraction at higher pressures (up to 8,700 psi) enables improved solubility, providing a more complete extraction in less time
  • By manipulating pressure, you can selectively extract the desired material more quickly

Fractionation of your extracts

  • The only SFE system on the market to incorporate three collection vessels with independent pressure control, providing the ability to selectively isolate groups of components (e.g., separate waxes , oils, and lighter materials)
  • As pressure is reduced, CO2 becomes a weaker solvent, impacting the solubility of various components

Enhanced selectivity with optional co-solvent pump

  • Optional co-solvent pump enables extraction of a wider polarity range of compounds, including acids, by metering in a small proportion of organic solvent (e.g., ethanol)

Capacity to fit your productivity needs 

  • 5 L or 10 L extraction vessels, which hold up to 4 lbs (1.8 kg) of ground material, respectively
  • Self-sealing, tool-free vessel caps for enhance ease-of-use and assembly

Consistent extractions, from run-to-run

  • A computer-controlled automated back pressure regulator maintains the extraction at the desired pressure

Enhanced user experience

  • Automates the extraction process through an easy-to-use computer controlled interface
  • Program and store specific methods for individual strains or end products

Reduced CO2 usage

  • CO2 recycler enables you to reuse CO2 for a convenient and even greener process
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