Price : $1,600,000
Listing Type : Greenhouses For Sale
Status : ACTIVE
Size : 14000+
Medical or Recreational : Both
Sale Type : Cash
Company Name : Business Brokers of Colorado
Phone : 303-734-4444

This Denver Wholesaler continues to drive a strong market for itself by providing the best strains to a pool of long-term buyers where sales continue to rise over $2M in a swinging market.

Comes with all the licenses including a MIPS. The MIPS area has already been dedicated so the time to get it running is all on you.


Check this out for you Buyers who like the numbers;

14,965 square feet



Flowering:   114 Single ended HPS with adjustable remote ballasts

                    123 Double ended HPS Nanolux fixtures with some remote ballasts and some fixed ballasts


Vegetative:   75 315 LEC (Light Emitting Ceramic) fixtures

                     28 1000 watt Metal Highlight Umbrella Hoods with remote adjustable ballasts

                     8 T5’s for clone machines


HVAC:           We currently have 109 Tons of Cooling with dehumidifying RTU’s 

CO2 System: We have a 4 ton CO2 tank that supplies all of our sealed grow rooms with 1300-1400 ppms                of CO2 through a centralized “Brain”.


Current Production January 2018-April 2018:  Averaged 166.5 lbs of bud per month

        Averaged 75.37 lbs of trim per month


Harvest Schedule and Weight Projections: 


We will be harvesting 126 lights in the months of May, July, September, and November

We will be harvesting 111 lights in the months of June, August, October, and December


For the first four months our average lb per 1000 watt flowering light was 1.41 lbs/1k watts

We have been experiencing higher yields with some adjustments that have been made and can project with confidence to be averaging 1.5+ lbs per 1K watt light!


So the projections for the next 8 months are as follows:


237 1K lights every two months or 948 1K lights for the next 8 months.


948 x 1.5 is 1422 lbs of bud and around 600 lbs of trim.

Well, that’s the story and we’re sticking to it! Contact our TEAM;

Business Brokers of Colorado


Lawrence D.J. LiCausi    Tyler L. LiCausi   Robyn K. LiCausi

Offered at just $1.6 Million

NDA and Proof of Funds Required.

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