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Price : $54,900
Listing Type : Lab & Extraction
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Company Name : Luna and Skye LLC
Phone : 5176437928
Fully Jacketed Ethanol Evaporator: crude processing solvent recovery. 
The wiped film evaporator is a new type of continuous fed distillation evaporator system which works under vacuum to allow you to have the most efficient material processing power. Crude or other material is fed into the evaporator from above then distributed evenly by the rotating scraper system. Crude will be vaporized to form a vapor steam and collected by the external condenser. Residue will be discharged from the bottom
Processing rate: 30-260L/hour 
Material: stainless steel 316L
Operation temperature of barrel, up to 300° C
Film scraping system: centrifugal scraper 
Feeding system: jacketed tanks 30L volume with sight glass. High precision gear pumps for continuous feeding. 
Discharge system: two high precision gear pumps for continuous feeding, flow range of 30-260L/h
power: 220V 3phase 
Comes with control valves, pump, support rack, and full jacketed stainless steel pipe. 
Manual included. 
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