Cannabis & Hemp Extraction Equipment

Cannabis and hemp equipment used to extract the valuable compounds from these plants, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytochemicals. Here are some of the most common types of equipment used for cannabis and hemp extraction: Solvent-based extraction equipment: this type of equipment uses solvents, such as ethanol or butane, to extract the valuable compounds from the plant material, CO2 extraction equipment, rosin press, Centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC), and short path distillation.

CDB Extraction Materials and Supplies with Potential Rent included

Orange Cove, CA, USA

I am an auctioneer in Santa Clara CA who was consigned to sell a Multi-Location and Multi Consignment sales.  We have a complete CBD business located

Extraction Equipment


Adelanto, CA, USA

BRAND NEW DISTILLATION MACHINE 4 SALE only $60k - Original cost $85,000+Licensed California lab in Adelanto is selling a brand new wiped film distilla

Extraction Equipment

CO2 Extractor

5335 Rue J,-A,- Bombardier, Saint-Hubert, QC, Canada

this is a 5L CO2 Extractor: PE-CO2-5.0L-C-M-3K-A The extractor can easily be upgraded to 10L with the addition of another 5L vessel. We used the machi

Extraction Equipment

Critical Solutions 40 iter Co2 Extractor

Medford, OR, USA

Extracts up to 30 lbs of material per cycle.. yielding up to 1000 grams raw extract.In great working condition!Currently in operation!Can provide a th

Extraction Equipment

Decarb unit

3318 Klondike Place, Castle Rock, CO, USA

500L Vacuum Scraper Concentration Tank  (Decarb unit)Structure description: Steam heating in the jacket, vacuum evaporation concentrator, The column

Extraction Equipment

Single effect rising film evaporator system

3318 Klondike Place, Castle Rock, CO, USA

Item # 10 - 500L Single-effect EvaporatorStructure description: New and unused, uses external circulation combined with vacuum evaporation way, column

Extraction Equipment

5,000L S S storage tanks (2)

3318 Klondike Place, Castle Rock, CO, USA

2 - 5,000 L 304 SS Single Layer Chemical Storage Tank    Structure : vertical single-layer storage tank, top & bottom ellipsoidal head Surfac

Extraction Equipment

Supercritical CO2 extractor 300L 150Lx2

Vancouver, WA, USA

Selling 2 sets of  supercritical CO2 extractors. 150L x 2. Comes with all the bells and whistles needed to extract top of the line oils.  etc. conta

Extraction Equipment

CO2 Supercritical Extractor, CDMH.5 – 2x-2f Hydraulic (NEW)

Evelyn Ave, Memphis, TN, USA

Manufacturer: Isolate Extraction Systems (IES), New (Never Commiosioned or put into production)OG Price: $165,000, Asking Price: 21,000Crated and bein

Extraction Equipment

CO2 Extraction Machine 100L

Riverside County, CA, USA

This CO2 extraction system offers new technology with flow rates up to 5.25 CFM, max efficiency using a two stage compressor and cold separation. The

Extraction Equipment

185 ft² Falling Film Evaporator-600 GPH

Eugene, OR, USA

Original Price: $379,000Dimensions: 72” l x 72” h x 192” h evaporator and 50” l x 72” w x 70” h condenserManufactured: 2019Prior Use: Has

Extraction Equipment

VTA / Root Sciences VKL-70-5 RS

Irvine, CA, USA

• Throughput Capability1,000-1,500 mI per hour• True Continuous FeedPatented design allows for uninterrupted operationby continuously feeding cann

Extraction Equipment

5L Supercritical CO2 Extractor Liquidation Sale 15,000 (AVAILABLE)

Rosamond, CA, USA

- - - EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE AS LONG AS THE AD RUNS - - -  Cali Extracts is a manufacturer specializing in CO2 extracted products. We are in the proces

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