Cannabis & Hemp Scientific Heaters

Cannabis and hemp scientific heaters are specialized heating systems used in the processing of cannabis and hemp products. These heaters play a crucial role in various stages of the processing, such as decarboxylation, winterization, and distillation. Precise temperature control is essential for high-quality and consistent product outcomes, and scientific heaters provide that control. They offer efficient heating with rapid heat-up and cool-down times, high accuracy, and stable temperatures. Different types of scientific heaters are available, such as magnetic stirrers, mantle heaters, and hot plates, to meet the specific needs of different processing applications and scales.

AEC TrueTemp® TC131 Temperature Control Unit

1596 Hampton Way, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

The TrueTemp® TC130 Series is the most advanced TCU from AEC. This latest innovation features increased options for maximum flexibility, along with s



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