Cannabis & Hemp Deep Freezers

Ultra-low deep freezers are also used in the cannabis industry for the preservation and storage of cannabis and hemp genetics. By storing cannabis and hemp genetics at ultra-low temperatures, as low as -80°C, cultivators can maintain the genetic stability of their strains for extended periods. This allows cultivators to preserve the genetics of their best-performing strains, ensuring that they can reproduce them in future crops. Ultra-low deep freezers used in the cannabis industry typically have enhanced security features to prevent unauthorized access, as genetics can be a valuable asset in the industry.

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The Cultivation business sits on a parcel spanning 6 acres in Adelanto, California. This property boasts not one but two strategically positioned buil

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12x20x10 C1D1 booth $25,000
12x20x10 C1D1 booth

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C1D1 Extraction Booths

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