Cannabis & Hemp Cultivation, Processing, Packaging, & Extraction Equipment

Cultivation, processing, packaging, and extraction equipment are essential components of the cannabis industry. Cultivation equipment includes items such as lighting, irrigation systems, and climate control systems. Processing equipment can include trimming machines, extractors, and other machinery used in the preparation of cannabis products. Packaging equipment may include labeling and sealing machines, while extraction equipment is used to produce concentrates such as oils and waxes. The right equipment can improve efficiency and quality control, leading to increased profitability. It is important for businesses to choose equipment that is suitable for their specific needs and to ensure that it complies with regulations governing the cannabis industry.

Can-Fan Q-Max 12″ 1709 CFM and attached charcoal filters

10013 8th St, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA

I have 5 Can-Fan Q-Max 12″ 1709 CFM fans with attached charcoal filters. Looking for a decent offer.

Climate Control Systems

8×20 C1D1 lab

Neptune City, NJ, USA

8x20 C1D1 booth! Fully approved and listed for use in any jurisdiction! Includes gas detection, fire suppression, HVAC system, main 100A panel, and C1

C1D1 Extraction Booths

10×20 C1D1 lab

Missouri, USA

10x20 C1D1 lab for indoor use. Includes all gas detection, fire suppression, controls, c1d1 lights, HVAC system, and PSI peer review. Call for more in

C1D1 Extraction Booths

8×40 C1D1 lab

Rhode Island, USA

8x40 outdoor C1D1 booth. Insulated, HVAC system, fire suppression, controls, main power. and more! can ship out in 3-4 weeks, Call for more informatio

C1D1 Extraction Booths

20×20 C1D1 booth indoor

Binghamton, NY, USA

20x20 indoor C1D1 booth! Compatible with all extraction types including butane, ethanol, and more!Includes: -gas detection-HVAC system -Controls-all

C1D1 Extraction Booths

8×20 C1D1 lab on sale

Rochester, NY, USA

8x20 outdoor C1D1 lab! Includes insulation, main power, HVAC system, fire suppression , PSI peer review, C1D1 lighting, and more! (707)-318-4548 

C1D1 Extraction Booths

8×40 C1D1 booth

New Jersey, USA

8x40 C1D1 booth. Fully insulated with gas detection, fire suppression, HVAC system, controls, and more! Call for more information. We can get this out

C1D1 Extraction Booths

Indoor 10×12 Extraction booth

New York, NY, USA

Indoor 10x12 Extraction booth Includes: -fire suppression-Gas detection-LEL sensor-C1D1 lighting -Exhaust fan -Control panel 

C1D1 Extraction Booths

NEW ExtraktLAB E140

Pahrump, NV, USA

Looking to scale up your productivity? I have a never used Extraktlab E140 CO2 extraction machine. Can process up to 400lbs a day. $100,000  Would li

Co2 Extraction Equipment

42 x 108 Original Gardener Automated Blackout Greenhouse. $55,000

Perris, CA, USA

42' x 108' w/ 14' Eave Original Gardener Greenhouse Frame - Loading: 12/105C/35 - 4,536 s.f.108' Long Single Ridge Vent for the Original Gardener - Se

Other Equipment

Large capacity ethanol extraction equipment

3318 Klondike Place, Castle Rock, CO 80108, USA

.  I have the below equipment for sale - all brand new and never used - high volume ethanol based, cbd extraction equipment.  The system is designed

Other Equipment

Iron Fist Extractors EX-80 – Industrial Hydrocarbon Extraction Closed Loop System (80 LB Capacity) ASME Stamped Engineer Certified

Sacramento, CA, USA

The Iron Fist Extractors EX-80 is a 80 lb (dry weight) capacity closed-loop extraction system used to extract cannabis or hemp concentrates using hydr

Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment

Hemp Dryers – Mobile and Stationary

Beavercreek & Red Soils Ct, Oregon City, OR 97045, USA

Built for a purpose, not repurposed.We offer pre drying systems, mobile and stationary hemp dryers. There is a lot that goes into a successful operati

Other Equipment

MAXIMIZER 7200 Automated Whole Plant Hemp Bucking Machine

Bristol, TN, USA

Do you have a plan for the 2020 Hemp Harvest season?Our automated whole plant bucker is at least 10x faster than hand bucking, and with less than 1% d

Other Equipment

Yellowstone Extraction Co. Falling Film

Margate, FL, USA

Hello All,We are in the market to sell our Yellowstone Falling Film. It is a great machine that can recover solvents at a rate of 70-80Gal/Hr. This ma

Extraction Equipment

Commercial Light Deprivation Greenhouses (Call 503-447-3346)

Oregon, USA

We sell high quality, light deprivation greenhouses. Our goal is to provide superior quality and service, to make buying commercial greenhouses simple

Greenhouse Kits


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