Cannabis and Hemp Real Estate Loans

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The legal cannabis industry has grown faster than anyone could have imagined. Stress from the pandemic certainly contributed to high profits. Considering that Americans spent more than $17.5 billion on cannabis products in 2020, though, it’s hard to imagine that they will change their habits radically. Before you can take advantage of this growth, you need a cannabis license and access to real estate loans.

Cannabis Business Resources makes it easier than ever for companies with cannabis licenses to secure the funding they need to start cultivating, distributing, processing and selling cannabis to adults.


Commercial Cannabis Real Estate Loan Options from Cannabis Business Resources

If you have cannabis business licensing, we want to work with you!

At Cannabis Business Resources, we work with a broad range of cannabis businesses. Qualifying applicants can receive loans for starting or expanding:

  • Retail stores and dispensaries – Storefronts cost a lot of money even before you consider how much you need to spend on security, employees and stock. Get financial assistance from Cannabis Business Resources so you can get a cannabis business license and start selling to customers.
  • Cultivation of farmland and greenhouses – Farmland is one of the least expensive ways to enter the cannabis industry. Greenhouses tend to cost more, but you gain considerably more control over your products. Secure the money you need for your farm or greenhouse by contacting Cannabis Business Resources.
  • Green zone manufacturing and industrial spaces – Plenty of people still enjoy cannabis flowers. There is a noteworthy trend toward edibles, vapes, tinctures, concentrates and similar products, though. In addition to extraction equipment, you need green zone manufacturing and industrial spaces to do this work. Cannabis Business Resources can help you get the money you need to process raw cannabis flowers into appealing products for consumers.


Qualifying for Cannabis Real Estate Loans

Cannabis Business Resources uses a five-step process to secure money for your cannabis real estate.


Step One: Initial Inquiry

Whether you’ve completed the cannabis business licensing process, reach out to Cannabis Business Resources to start the conversation about funding your venture.

Step Two: Consultation

During your consultation, you will talk to a representative at Cannabis Business Resources about your funding and loan options. We will try to help make your business dreams come true. If it turns out that you need to do some work before taking the time to fill out your application, though, we will direct you to the proper resources.

Step Three: Application

Filling out your application allows Cannabis Business Resources to share your information with underwriters. The application includes your cannabis business licensing number, financials, business plan and estimated loan amount.

Step Four: Underwriting

The underwriting process usually happens behind the scenes as we send your application to investors interested in funding loans. We work with a network of underwriters, so we will try to secure a loan that meets your unique needs.

Step Five: Funding

Once Cannabis Business Resources connects you with an underwriter, you can receive the money you need to start or expand your cannabis business. All parties involved will sign documents that create a legal agreement.


Cannabis Real Estate Loan Details from Cannabis Business Resources

Cannabis Business Resources works with cannabis entrepreneurs and established cannabis brands to help them reach their business goals. We offer a broad range of loan products that can benefit licensed cannabis businesses.

Cannabis real estate loans through Cannabis Business Resources have flexible guidelines. Your loan’s specific features will depend on factors such as how much money you contribute to buying the property and whether you have a record of success as a licensed cannabis business owner.


Get Started Today with Cannabis Business Resources

The cannabis industry creates the opportunity for immense growth. Whether you want to grow cannabis and hemp or sell cannabis and hemp products from a storefront, the industry has a place for you.

Few individuals will have all the money they need to start new cannabis businesses. Paying to expand an existing cannabis business can also cost a lot, even when you have a successful business that generates profits.

Cannabis Business Resources allows you to help you buy or lease the real estate you need to make your products and sell to customers. For many cannabis entrepreneurs, getting a real estate loan through Cannabis Business Resources is one of the first steps to getting started.

Reach out to Cannabis Business Resources today to get more information about how you can secure the funds you need to grow a thriving cannabis business.


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The cannabis real estate industry is rapidly evolving and CBR is increasingly providing very effective financing solutions to operators looking to acquire an asset or complete a construction project.

CBR is one of the only lenders in the cannabis industry to provide fully uncollateralized working capital financing to licensed operators and ancillary companies. These financings are term fundings that are customized to the needs of the borrower.

More cannabis companies are expanding their operations to meet the growing patient and consumer need in every regulated market. New Equipment acquisitions and the ability to leverage existing equipment is critical to both growth and efficiency gains and CBR provides some of the most competitive terms in the market.