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Cannabis Real Estate Property For Sale W/ Dispensary Tenant (Blythe, California)

Blythe, CA, USA

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to enter the Riverside County cannabis market as a landlord! The sale includes a one-story building

Retail For Sale

400 Acres Of All Flat Agricultural / Multi-Purpose Land

Desert Center, CA 92239, USA

This land is being sold deeply below market to clear inventory. 400 Acres- APNS 810-311-004and 810-311-010... TURN-KEY OPPORTUNITY for hemp, palm tree

Land For Sale

Land, 317 Acres, Electricity, Potential HEMP Cultivation, no warehouse required

Vidal, CA, USA

ZONED SD-RES within RC...Incredible opportunity in the UNINCORPORATED area of Vidal just two miles north of Riverside County lines, zoned SD-RES/RC (S

Land For Sale


Hemp Only Listings

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