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Used Ironfist EX-40 Double Rack

Sacramento, CA, USA

System was in storage, needs new gauges, a few valves, gaskets, PVRs, and hoses. What’s Included: ·        (1) ASME Stamped 316 Stainl

Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment

All offers will be reviewed and considered

Bozeman, MT, USA

Up for sale is an LLC with a  Tier 1 cannabis cultivation license. Licensed to cultivate up to 1000 square feet of canopy, this is a perfect opportun

Licenses For Sale

8×20 C1D1 extraction booth NEW UNUSED

1695 Piner Road

8x20 C1D1 extraction lab. Fully equipped with all  gas detection, HVAC system, exhaust system, controls, fire suppression, non-slip flooring, main po

C1D1 Extraction Booths

Excellent Bozeman/Yellowstone area Company

Bozeman, MT, USA

Turn-key nice grow plus a manufacturing license make it a perfect time to get into this budding wholesale market. Enjoy a very busy dispensary locatio

Retail Stores/ Dispensaries

Cannabis Approved Lease Location

Bozeman, MT, USA

Great opportunity to walk into a pre approved cannabis grow location. 2,000 sq ft to work with. Can be left equipped for additional cost. Please inqui

Commercial/Other For Lease

Montana’s Go-To Dude for Cannabis Real Estate and Business Deals

Livingston, MT, USA

High, My name is Myles, but my friends call me dude. I'm a former dispensary manager turned real estate and business broker. I'm also a loud and

Real Estate & Business Brokers


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