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Hemp Mesh Belt Dryer

Anson, ME, USA

Industrial Hemp Mesh Belt Dryer Available for Sale.Located in central Maine, this unit has been lightly used for 2 seasons. Dried between 1000-1500 we

Other Equipment

Apeks Supercritical 2000 PSI 20lx5l

Eustis, ME, USA

Extractor,compressor,chiller,air pumps, manuals,spare parts,5L Rotovap,5L  distillation kit,vacuum pumps and chillers. Other misc. equipment and supp

Co2 Extraction Equipment

Central cannabis manufacturing facility with potential dispensary

Anson, ME 04911, USA

Conveniently situated on the way to Sugarloaf, this investment property has many capabilities. The building is 5000 sq ft.  Processing + distillatio

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