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Alaskan Grow Opportunity

61255 Ohlson Mountain Road, Homer, AK, USA

Ohlson Mountain Gold-Marijuana Cultivation and Distribution and Previously Olson Mountain Mineral Spring LLC. So Many options to generate income with

Warehouse/ Industrial For Sale

Limited Cultivation Facility/with active license

21755 Evelyn May Street, Kasilof, AK, USA

Price Reduction Get This Now $   $ 199999.13  This is a small 500 square foot grow facility located. In kasilof Alaska and has an active license and

Cultivation/ Production

STM Mini Rocket Box

21577 Evelyn May Street, Kasilof, AK, USA

I have had this STM mini Rocket box for 3 years. I have run 30k joints through it and it is a solid machine. Selling business so it has to go 

Pre-Roll Machines


Hemp Only Listings

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