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8×20 C1D1 extraction booth NEW UNUSED

1695 Piner Road

8x20 C1D1 extraction lab. Fully equipped with all  gas detection, HVAC system, exhaust system, controls, fire suppression, non-slip flooring, main po

C1D1 Extraction Booths

Montana’s Go-To Dude for Cannabis Real Estate and Business Deals

Livingston, MT, USA

High, My name is Myles, but my friends call me dude. I'm a former dispensary manager turned real estate and business broker. I'm also a loud and

Real Estate Agents/Brokers

8×8 C1D1 Booth UL listed and PSI peer reviewed

Bozeman, MT, USA

8x8 C1D1 extraction lab. Fully equipped with all gas detection and safety features. Includes gas detection, exhaust system, controls, exhaust fan, mot

C1D1 Extraction Booths

8×8 C1D1 Booth NEW UNUSED

Bozeman, MT, USA

 UL Listed. 8x8 C1D1 booth fully equipped with gas detection, exhaust, controls, c1d1 lighting, and more. Lab ships in a 4'Wx4'Hx10' pallet. We can s

C1D1 Extraction Booths


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