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Growtainer $14,000

Tebbetts, MO, USA

8x2o  professional built it’s plug and play 

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Missouri Adult Use/MMJ Marijuana Manufacturing State License For Sale (Missouri, USA)

Missouri, USA

Amazing opportunity to acquire a Cannabis Manufacturing license that has been granted, approved and certified through 2025 in Missouri! This license a

Manufacturing / Processing

10×20 C1D1 lab

Missouri, USA

10x20 C1D1 lab for indoor use. Includes all gas detection, fire suppression, controls, c1d1 lights, HVAC system, and PSI peer review. Call for more in

C1D1 Extraction Booths

20′ Climate Controlled Container!

Missouri, USA

SINGLE TRIP 20' CONTAINER WITH COMMERCIAL UPGRADES!Nationwide Delivery2 Ton Bard w/ 8kW Heat + Economizer / Overhead Air Curtain / Anden 95 Pint Dehum

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