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Cannatrol DC Quick Dry/Cure

Berwick, ME, USA

Selling Cannatrol DC. More info can be found here great reason for selling is health reasons a

Drying & Curing Equipment

AEssense Grow Equipment For Sale

Berwick, ME, USA

For sale AEssense Grow Equipment AEtrium 2.1 and AEtrium 4 and for drying/ curing we use the Cannatrol DC Quick System.  All equipment, LED lights, c

Other Equipment

Orange Photonics LightLab Cannabis Analyzer

Biddeford, ME, USA

Orange Photonics LightLab portable cannabis analyzer.  Tests for the following cannabinoids:  Δ9-THC, THC-A, CBD, CBD-A, CBN, CBG & CBG-A.  Pa

Other Equipment

Apeks Supercritical 2000 PSI 20lx5l

Eustis, ME, USA

Extractor,compressor,chiller,air pumps, manuals,spare parts,5L Rotovap,5L  distillation kit,vacuum pumps and chillers. Other misc. equipment and supp

Co2 Extraction Equipment


Hemp Only Listings

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