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Greenhouses to Rent with Medical Grow License

Durant, OK, USA

Rental Greenhouses with a medical license in Durant OK Get ready to grow quality cannabis in quantity for recreational use that may be approved this

Greenhouses For Lease

Turnkey Greenhouse

Durant, OK, USA

2 fully operational greenhouseslights water coolers fans 1 dry room with two a's/ dehumidifiers and drying racks 1 acre bonus outdoor grow (tis th

Greenhouses For Lease

Investment Opportunity: Greenhouse for rent ready for grow 2000 sqft per unit 56,000 sqft available Oklahoma Lindsay

18617 Council Avenue, Lindsay, OK 73052, USA

Greenhouse for rent$1800 for per unit (2000 sqft greenhouse)and $700 for the fee including all compliance licenses and utilities. This facility featur

Greenhouses For Lease


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