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Mulino Oregon Farm for Sale

24450 Oregon 213, Mulino, OR, USA

Introducing a fresh Tier 2 licensed Cannabis Grow Facility, perfectly situated in Clackamas County for your convenience. This facility boasts two Ligh

Greenhouses For Sale

Awesome Estate Home with High-end Greenhouses

Gold Hill, OR, USA

This Private Gated Estate Home, Spanning 8.95 acres of Thoughtfully Cleared land, is a Testament to Modern Cannabis Production. The property features

Greenhouses For Sale

90 acre water rights + house & 10k sq ft warehouse 2 acre greenhouses

28890 Sprague River Road, Sprague River, OR, USA

90 acre of water rights turnkey 40 light indoor medical marijuana grow2 acres of greenhouses2400+ amps of powerThe perfect homestead grow all your ow

Greenhouses For Sale

Medical MMJ & Industrial Hemp Production-1200Amps-150 Lights-2 Acres-Water Rights-20,000sqft GH-Fully Decked Out

Eagle Creek, OR, USA

Turn-Key 2 Acres, Water Rights, Fully Fenced, LUCS Active for Industrial Hemp, 1200 Amps Power, High/Low Voltage Underground with 100kw Back-Up Genera

Greenhouses For Sale


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