Should You Work With a 420 Real Estate Agent?

Should You Work With a 420 Real Estate Agent?

Entering the legal cannabis industry means that you have to make a lot of critical business decisions. Even small mistakes will make it more challenging for your company to survive, let alone thrive. Working with a 420 real estate agent could help you make better choices before you even start cultivating plants or selling cannabis products to your customers.

If you aren’t sure whether you should work with a 420 real estate agent, consider the following ways that they can help you save time and position your business for success.

A 420 Land Locator Knows the Cannabis Properties in Your Area

You might think you know your city well, but that doesn’t mean you can identify cannabis properties as easily as a 420 real estate agent. Whether you want to cultivate cannabis, manufacture products, or open a storefront, you need to follow strict guidelines established by your state and local municipality.

Many people don’t understand that cannabis legalization means they can only operate in specific areas, known as “green zones.” In fact, some cities in California and other states with legal recreational cannabis don’t allow any section of the marijuana industry to operate within their borders.

420 Properties in Oregon

Within America’s legal framework, Oregon has very liberal cannabis laws. Regardless, you must apply to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to get a cultivation or distribution license. If an area already has too many companies selling cannabis to consumers, the commission might reject your application.

A 420 real estate agent can point you in the direction of a city or neighborhood that has not been saturated by the industry. That way, you have a better chance of securing a permit and opening a business that attracts plenty of customers.

420 Properties in California

California is a very diverse state with areas that approve and disapprove of cannabis legalization. Trying to open a cannabis store in some cities is a waste of time and money because the residents don’t want a business selling cannabis products in their community.

Talking to a 420 real estate agent makes it easier for you to avoid places that will likely deny your application. To you, the absence of cannabis stores may look like a terrific opportunity. To your real estate agent, it’s a warning sign that you should focus your attention elsewhere.

420 Properties in Los Angeles

People tend to think of Los Angeles as a unified city. In reality, Los Angeles County includes dozens of small cities. West Hollywood might accept your license application, but Whittier might cash your check and throw your application in the trash.

Don’t waste your energy visiting areas that won’t welcome your business. A knowledgeable real estate agent will help you decide where to concentrate your efforts. Ideally, they will even do much of the legwork for you.

Your 420 Real Estate Agent Might Already Know Businesses for Sale

Perhaps you don’t want to start a new cannabis business. You want to reap the benefits of working in the industry, but you have no interest in starting a farm, opening a storefront, and dealing with your state’s bureaucracy.

Luckily, there are already plenty of cannabis and hemp businesses for sale. You can find a lot of listings on 420 Property.

Not every business owner, however, advertises the sale online. They might talk to colleagues in their community about their desire to sell, though. A 420 real estate agent who pays close attention to industry chatter might already know about some unlisted businesses with owners looking to get out of the industry or move on to other challenges.

It’s nearly impossible for someone outside the local industry to know about these potential business deals. Talk to a real estate agent to make the connections you need to enter the industry and start making money.

No matter where you live, you will have to complete a lot of forms before you purchase a cannabis property. Some states make the process relatively easy. Others have opaque, confusing requirements that make it extremely difficult to qualify for a permit.

An experienced 420 real estate agent has been through the process several times before, so they can help you jump through the bureaucratic hoops of getting your permit or license.

Connect With Other Professionals Through Your Real Estate Agent

Buying property in a green zone will cost quite a bit of money. You want to make sure you purchase real estate that will put your business on the path to success. Your real estate agent can offer some insight, but that doesn’t mean they can fill every role you need to choose a location.

A great 420 real estate agent can, however, connect you with other professionals in your area. For example, you might need introductions to some of your city’s top:

  • Architects and designers
  • Business consultants
  • Appraisers
  • Accountants and CPAs
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Contractors
  • Cannabis lawyers
  • Environmental services professionals

Each of these professionals can provide unique services that will help you find the right location for you. For example, an accountant might point out that the storefront you love doesn’t get enough foot traffic to justify its high cost. If you want to start a farm, a horticulturist or environmental services professional can test a property’s soil and water to determine whether it can grow healthy cannabis plants.

You Take a Big Risk When You Buy 420 Land Without an Expert’s Help

Yes, you can buy 420 land, storefronts, greenhouses, and farmland without an expert’s help. But why would you? Real estate agents can streamline your search, help you understand your financing options, and walk you through the red tape of starting a new cannabis business.

Without help, you take an unnecessary risk that could cost you thousands or even millions of dollars.

Why would you take such a risk when you have knowledgeable, experienced 420 real estate agents eager to help you find the perfect location for your business? Considering that real estate agents only get paid a percentage of a property’s sale price, hiring them to help is a no-brainer.

Browse Listings for Cannabis and Hemp Properties for Sale

Whether you choose to work with a 420 real estate agent — obviously, we encourage you to do so! — you can find numerous properties for sale and lease on the 420 Property platform.

Real estate for sale includes:

  • Land for sale, which you could potentially use as farmland or space to build a production facility.
  • Residential acreage for sale where you can cultivate hemp and run your business.
  • Warehouse and industrial space for sale, where you can build a cannabis grow operation or use extraction equipment to make cannabis products like edibles and tinctures.
  • Retail space for sale that will give you access to consumers who want to purchase cannabis and hemp products.
  • Greenhouses for sale so you can skip the construction process and start cultivating plants now.

Real estate for lease includes the same options, although opportunities will differ by location. By leasing land, warehouse space, commercial property, or a greenhouse, you avoid the upfront cost of buying property. You do, however, extend your property payments over time. You might also lose the ability to lock in a price that meets your business plan. If a landlord decides to change the price, you will either need to adjust your expectations or find a new location.

Working with a real estate agent familiar with your area’s cannabis industry makes all these challenges easier.

Browse the cannabis and hemp real estate agents and brokers listed on 420 Property. You can filter the professionals by location and specific traits. For example, if you want to find an Oklahoma real estate agent with experience testing soil, you can search for a person who matches your unique needs.

Dozens of 420 real estate agents have already joined 420 Property to advertise their services. That number will only continue to grow as states pass new laws that make it easier for businesses to cultivate and sell cannabis products to consumers. Take the first step by searching the 420 Property listings so you can find a reliable real estate agent in your area of interest.

Find your next property today!

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