The Process of Listing Your 420-Friendly Warehouse for Rent With 420 Property

The Process of Listing Your 420-Friendly Warehouse for Rent With 420 Property

420 Property can help you connect your 420-friendly commercial rentals to investors and cannabis business owners across the United States. Before you can rent 420 grow locations to businesses and individuals, though, you need to know the most effective ways to list your properties on the website (above and beyond verifying that the property is suitable for legal cannabis business operations).

Do your best to follow every step in the following process. The more complete your 420 friendly commercial rental listing looks, the more likely it is that you will attract a responsible tenant who wants a long-term business relationship that benefits you both.

Take High-Quality Pictures of Your Warehouse’s Interior and Exterior

You will need written content to attract companies that want to rent 420 grow locations, production facilities, and storage warehouse spaces. Before you start thinking about how you will describe your building and the spaces available inside it, though, you need to take high-quality photographs and add them to your listing.

Most people are visual learners. When they see pictures, they can’t prevent themselves from stopping to look. Photographs also provide a wealth of information about your real estate. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

By adding pictures to your listing, you make it more likely that people will:

  • Stop to learn more about your 420 friendly commercial rentals.
  • Scroll through your images to help them decide whether you have a facility that matches their needs.
  • Contact you to make sincere inquiries about renting space in your warehouse.

Imagine how a similar scenario could play out without images:

  • Someone happens to see your listing.
  • They contact you to arrange a meeting time.
  • You go to your warehouse and show them around.
  • The potential tenant decides it isn’t the right option for them.

You’ve just wasted a lot of time that you could have saved by posting a few pictures.

Add Video That Gives Interested Renters a Quick, Online Walk Through

Make your images even more effective by adding video to your property listing. Instead of showing what individual spaces look like, you can provide a virtual walk-through of the warehouse.

During the video, you can describe the rooms you walk through. Perhaps you mention how many electrical outlets a space has. Maybe you point to a ventilation system you installed to help indoor cultivators grow healthier plants.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video with commentary worth? 100,000 words? A million?

Regardless, adding video to your listings will do wonders at attracting and educating potential tenants.

Provide Accurate Pricing Information

Never provide misleading pricing information for your 420 friendly warehouse for rent. Give people accurate prices and tell them your expectations.

You might have several spaces in your warehouse that you want to rent. If so, the rental prices probably vary by size, available equipment, location, and other factors. Create a separate listing for each space so you will not confuse interested renters about the price.

Setting accurate expectations now will form the bedroom of your owner-tenant relationship. Imagine that someone comes to your warehouse to ask about renting a 420 grow location. You say that you have a room available at $2.50 per square foot. The person counters that they saw an ad that said $2 per square foot. “Oh, that’s for the third-floor room,” you respond.

At this point, you have probably lost a tenant by undermining that person’s faith in you. If you’re willing to mislead interested parties in the price of a warehouse space, who’s to say that you won’t try to pull other tricks in the future.

Set a fair price based on your facilities and area averages. Then, advertise your prices accurately. You do not want to start a business relationship with anything other than 100 percent honesty.

Add a Description That Optimizes Keywords

Why write a description of your 420 friendly warehouse for rent? You have at least two reasons to spend time crafting a compelling, accurate description of your space.

First, you can use your description to include keywords that will help search engines find your listing. Make sure you add location-specific keywords. Some options include:

  • 420 friendly rooms for rent near me (you could replace “me” with the name of your city or neighborhood).
  • 420 friendly commercial rentals
  • Cannabis warehouse grow locations
  • Rental space for growing cannabis
  • Warehouse rental for cannabis

Depending on your facility, you might also add keyword phrases like:

  • Fully air-conditioned and heated cannabis warehouse
  • Irrigation system for cannabis
  • LED lights for growing cannabis
  • Extraction equipment on-premises

Think about what makes your warehouse space special. Anything that occurs to you will probably make a good keyword that attracts potential tenants.

Second, you want to write a description of your 420 friendly warehouse for rent because some people prefer to learn by reading. Your photos and videos might help them understand what you offer. For some learners, though, nothing beats reading text.

If you don’t feel comfortable writing compelling descriptions of your rental space and rental agreement, consider hiring someone to do that job for you. It often costs very little. In return, you get to captivate readers with professionally written text that converts them into paying tenants.

Answer Questions About Your 420 Friendly Commercial Rentals Accurately

Your listing will prompt you to provide a lot of information about your 420 friendly commercial rentals. Some pieces of information you should complete include:

  • Size
  • Lease type
  • License type
  • City tax rate
  • Available utilities
  • Owner’s name (use a company name if it owns the property)
  • Contact information (phone and email) so people can reach out to you with questions

The more information you provide in the listing, the fewer questions you will get from people who ultimately decide to choose a different location. For example, someone who wants to know whether your building uses natural gas or electricity will call or email you to ask the question. Answering takes a few minutes out of your day. You could have saved yourself time and effort by listing all types of utilities available at your property.

Answer as completely and accurately as you can. Doing so will reduce the overall amount of work that you do filling spaces and managing tenants.

Double Check Your Contact Information so You Don’t Miss Requests

This might sound very obvious, but people make mistakes all of the time when they list their contact information.

Inaccurate contact information makes it impossible for potential tenants to reach you. Someone who wants to give you money is trying to contact you. Unfortunately, they can’t because you didn’t double-check your contact information.

Upgrade Your 420 Property Listing to Reach More Renters

The 420 Property website will let you add free listings for hemp and cannabis properties. Only Premium Subscribers can see your free listings, though. That means investors casually browsing the website will not see your 420 property for rent.

You can make it much easier for people to find and rent your warehouse spaces by upgrading your listing.

Featured listings are available to everyone who comes to 420poperty. Spending a little money on a featured listing also gives your placement a boost by placing you within the top search results.

Other benefits of choosing a featured listing include:

  • Guaranteed social media exposure that will reach more people.
  • No broker advertisements that will district visitors.
  • Listing placement on the homepage and sidebar.
  • Distributed listings to and the site’s RSS subscribers.

Social Boost

Want even more from your listing? Get a social boost so 420property will share your listing on all of its social media sites. The more people you reach, the more likely it is you will find a tenant as soon as possible.

Dedicated Email

Not everyone pays attention to social media posts. At 420property, we have more than 20k email subscribers. Upgrading to dedicated email gets your warehouse space rental in front of thousands of people.

Email advertising still plays a critical role in business growth. For a nominal fee, you can attract renters and start making more money within days, weeks, or months.

Help Companies Rent 420 Grow Locations

You have 420 properties in northern California and other locations that you need to rent to businesses. Luckily, plenty of businesses want to rent 420 grow locations for cultivating cannabis indoors. They may also want to use your warehouse to extract chemical compounds, make oils, and store products before shipping them to stores.

Help them find a warehouse that matches their unique needs by listing your property on

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