The Pros and Cons of Buying a Cannabis Greenhouse

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Cannabis Greenhouse

A crop of high-quality cannabis can sell on the legal market for millions of dollars. Many 420 entrepreneurs want to protect their crops from sudden changes in weather and hungry insects, so they turn to cannabis greenhouses. With the right cannabis greenhouse, you can cultivate an excellent crop of trending strains while protecting your plants from the outdoors.

Consider the pros and cons of buying a cannabis greenhouse before you commit to this option. There are obvious perks, but there are some downsides too. Knowing about the advantages and disadvantages will help you make an informed decision that benefits your cannabis business.

Pro: A Cannabis Greenhouse Can Extend Your Growing Season

If you grow cannabis on an outdoor farm, you have a limited growing season determined by your geographic area. During the early stages of growth, cannabis enjoys temperatures between 68 and 77 degrees F. Once your plants start flowering, you need temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees F. Most strains prefer it on the warmer side while they flower.

Outdoor cultivation doesn’t give you any control over temperature. You have some control over moisture and pest maintenance, but you can’t do anything about the temperature. That limits your growing season.

By moving your plants into a greenhouse, you extend your growing season by gaining more control over the temperature. During early spring, you can add heat to your greenhouse to grow young plants. By the time you near summer, you already have healthy cannabis plants ready to start producing flowers.

If it gets very hot in your area, you can protect your plants from excessive heat by cooling the greenhouse. A few fans kept at the greenhouse’s entrance and exit can create a breeze that encourages the plants to grow large, impressive flowers that dispensaries will want to purchase from you.

As the season starts to turn cold again, you can use the sun’s energy to produce an extra crop of cannabis. Some cultivators install heaters that let them continue growing throughout winter.

Con: Cannabis Greenhouses Can Add to Your Expenses

Cannabis entrepreneurs in the United States already face numerous challenges when trying to fund their businesses. Many states welcome new cannabis cultivators. The federal government, however, has not adjusted its laws to make cannabis legal. Since banks and credit unions must follow federal laws, they usually decline applications from cannabis companies.

The situation becomes difficult when you want to purchase a cannabis greenhouse instead of basic farmland for cultivation. First, you have to pay the extra expense of a greenhouse that’s large enough for you to grow crops. Second, you have to pay for additional utilities — such as gas and electricity — that help you control the growing environment.

It certainly helps that some private lenders understand the challenges you face. At 420 Property, you can find commercial cannabis and hemp real estate financiers willing to help fund your cannabis greenhouse.

Despite help from private lenders, it still costs more money to buy a greenhouse than farmland. Many business owners find the additional expense intimidating even though they understand that a greenhouse can help them generate more revenue over time.

Cannabis Greenhouse Tip: Explore the cannabis greenhouse listings on 420 Property to find an option that fits your business plan and capital.

Pro: Some Cannabis Strains Seem to Thrive in Greenhouses

Not all cannabis strains prefer the same growing environment. While some love the fresh air of the outdoors, others prefer the controlled environment of a greenhouse.

If you want to grow popular strains with high retail values, it makes sense for you to invest in a cannabis greenhouse. You might find that the greenhouse pays for itself over a few growing seasons.

Some of the best strains to grow in a greenhouse include:

  • Northern Lights
  • Jack Flash
  • Tahoe OG

These strains show tremendous resistance to mold, so they often grow well in moist, indoor environments. They can also tolerate mild changes in temperature, so you can grow them in small greenhouses without expensive equipment. Of course, it always helps to add equipment that improves irrigation, soil nutrients, light exposure, and other factors that influence growth.

Con: A Cannabis Greenhouse Doesn’t Offer as Much Control as Warehouse Cultivation

Cannabis greenhouse systems give you more control than growing cannabis outdoors. You do not, however, get nearly as much control over your cultivation environment as growers who choose warehouse cultivation.

A cannabis greenhouse can extend your growing season, but you still rely on the sun as your primary source of light and warmth. A cloudy growing season could mean you get small flowers that don’t command high prices. Warehouse cultivation gives you complete control over your plants’ environment.

Explore cannabis warehouse listings to decide whether you want to pursue this option.

Keep in mind that warehouse cultivation also comes with pros and cons. While you gain complete control over the growing environment, you also have to invest a lot of money in cannabis growing systems. When you remove the sun and rain from your growing operation, you have to pay for lighting and irrigation systems. You can also expect your utilities to cost quite a bit more than cultivators growing in greenhouses.

Pro: Cannabis Greenhouses Help Protect Plants From Pests

All kinds of insects and other creatures enjoy munching on cannabis plants. Some of the most troublesome pests include:

  • Spider mites
  • Black flies
  • Aphids
  • Inchworms
  • Caterpillars

Plenty of cannabis farmers also have horror stories of deer and other mammals destroying their crops. When animals get hungry, many of them don’t mind turning to cannabis. They might even get a psychoactive boost that keeps them coming back for more.

A cannabis greenhouse does not create an impenetrable wall that prevents all pests from harming your plants. It can, however, give you more control over the growing environment.

Perhaps some spider mites sneak into your greenhouse. Outdoors, you would have to spray your plants with insecticides to kill the pests. Those chemicals might save your crops, but they can significantly lower the value of your products, especially when you focus on consumers who prefer organic flowers.

Inside a greenhouse, you can manually remove spider mites and other pests without resorting to harmful chemicals. It takes a lot of work, but you can maintain the value of your plants by doing the job by hand.

Similarly — and much more easily — you can introduce beneficial insects that will control the pest population inside your greenhouse. Praying mantises and ladybugs, for example, will eat a lot of pests before they reproduce and become a major problem for your business.

Con: Cannabis Greenhouse Repairs Can Get Expensive

A cannabis greenhouse helps cultivators control their interior growing environments. What happens outside, however, is up to Mother Nature. Unfortunately, that can mean damage from weather events like windstorms and hail.

Repairing a cannabis greenhouse can get expensive. Of course, the amount of money required for repairs depends on the greenhouse materials and the type of damage that occurs. Fixing a rip in plastic lining probably won’t cost very much. Replacing a large greenhouse panel, however, could cost thousands of dollars.

Anyone getting into the cannabis cultivation industry should prepare for unexpected expenses. They might not happen this year, but they will happen eventually.

Greenhouse cannabis cultivators can protect themselves from unexpected expenses by purchasing insurance policies that pay to replace necessary systems and ensure the value of crops.

When learning more about cannabis business insurance, look into options such as:

  • Crop coverage — you could get up to $10 million in coverage for living plants.
  • General liability that pays for the care of anyone injured on the property.
  • Landlord coverage for cannabis greenhouse owners who rent their space to cultivators.
  • Equipment breakdown that will cover lost revenues when important equipment breaks.
  • Workers’ compensation that pays employees when they get injured on the job.
  • Product liability that protects you from the legal costs of defending your products.
  • Directors and officers liability that covers the legal expenses of executives.

Cannabis business insurance can cover practically any type of operation or event you can imagine. With the right level of protection, cultivators don’t need to worry about the high cost of repairing greenhouses and the systems that produce healthy plants.

Pro: Cultivators Can Choose Cannabis Greenhouses That Match Their Needs

A commercial cannabis greenhouse doesn’t look anything like the greenhouse your neighbor uses to grow vegetables. After all, you’re not growing for personal use. You want to start a business that serves thousands of consumers.

Commercial cannabis greenhouses come in a variety of sizes to meet your business’s unique needs. Popular structures include:

  • Freestanding greenhouses that you can erect practically anywhere.
  • Wide-span greenhouses that create a large, indoor area with a controlled environment.
  • Curved glass greenhouses that capture more sunlight throughout the day.
  • Low-profile greenhouses that don’t use as much energy to heat or cool.
  • Greenhouse lean-tos that can make an excellent addition to an existing warehouse grow operation.
  • Cold frames that extend the growing season at minimal cost.
  • High tunnel crop protectors that let your cannabis plants grow naturally while shielding them from extreme weather.

Obviously, you have a lot of options to explore. 420 Property makes the process easier by letting you review cannabis greenhouses and other green zone properties for sale. You can filter your results by area, listing type, or keyword. If you already know what type of greenhouse your business needs, you can quickly find the perfect solution. If you want to explore designs, you can use 420 Property to compare diverse structures on one website.

Con: You Need Land for Your Cannabis Greenhouse

When you buy a cannabis greenhouse, you might also need to purchase the land that it sits on. Even if you can buy a cannabis greenhouse and its related systems without buying a specific plot of land, you still need space for your greenhouse.

If you plan to purchase a greenhouse that isn’t already connected to a piece of land, you should take some time to explore green zone real estate for sale. You might also find that you can keep your expenses lower by leasing green zone land.

Pro: Investing Now Could Maximize Future Profits

The cost of green zone real estate will likely increase as the legal cannabis industry grows. Already, more states in the U.S. are exploring laws that would let more patients and adults access the products they desire. Investing in the right land, greenhouse, and grow systems now could give you a head start. While other businesses scramble to catch up with evolving laws, you will have a business model and cannabis greenhouse in place to start making money.

Find the Right Cannabis Greenhouse on 420 Property

Are you ready to start comparing available cannabis greenhouses? Search cannabis greenhouses for sale and cannabis greenhouses for lease on 420 Property.

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