420 Real Estate Financing

The Loan Resource™


The Loan Resource offers niche lending solutions for property owners and prospective buyers seeking access to private funds to operate in the cannabis industry. The Loan Resource™ can assist in obtaining a quick funding at competitive rates. Whether you need a bridge loan to complete a construction project or are a borrower who needs a short term equity loan to make a competitive all cash offer on property or an entrepreneur needing an infusion of capital for their business, 420 Property Financing’s private capital sources fill in the gaps where banks and other private money sources leave off –offering fast funding of 1st and 2nd trust deed loans ranging from $250K- $20M+. Due to the Federal legality of the cannabis industry, institutional financing is not widely available; therefore, ‘Hard Money’ loans are the most common type of real estate loans available. ‘Hard Money’ loans are asset-based loans where a borrower receives funds secured by real estate whereas the lender or investor makes the loan based on either the appraised value or purchase value (whichever is less) of the property. Interest rates are typically higher than conventional loans because the underwriting of the loans is more liberal for out of the box or “make sense” scenarios. The qualifying criteria for hard money loans vary from loan to loan because every property and borrower are different. Credit scores, income, and ability to repay are taken into consideration. However, most of the time, qualifying for hard money loan is based on the value (or cost) of the real estate being as collateral and the amount of equity the borrower has in that property.

  • Lending Guidelines

    • Loan Amounts:  $250,000 – $20 million
    • Loan to Value (LTV):  up to 70%
    • Interest Rates: 6.99% – 14.99%
    • Fees:  2.5 – 6 points (including lender or investor fees)
    • Loan Position:  1st or 2nd trust deeds (70% max CLTV on 2nd trust deeds)
    • Loan Term:12-60 months
    • Property Types:  Investment residential and commercial
    • Loan Types:  Purchase, Refinance, Equity Cash out, Bridge Loan, Rehab, Construction, Lender Participation
    • Additional Guideline: Lender guidelines may vary depending on property type, borrower credit, and property location. Inquire for more details.
  • Why Choose The Loan Resource™?

    • Fast underwriting and funding;
    • Minimal documentation;
    • Short or longer term loans (up to 5 years);
    • Competitive rates and fees;
    • Lots of capital waiting to be invested;
    • Long list of satisfied borrowers and investors;
    • Will consider any loan that makes sense.