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Dama Financial stands as a highly regarded and trusted provider of transparent banking solutions exclusively designed for cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) operating within the United States. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by CRBs in accessing traditional banking services, Dama Financial collaborates with U.S.-based banks to offer a secure and convenient banking experience, effectively mitigating the financial and safety risks associated with the handling of large amounts of cash.

By partnering with Dama Financial, clients gain access to a comprehensive range of banking solutions that cater specifically to their needs. The core offerings encompass secure online banking facilities and cash courier services, facilitating various deposit methods such as cash, checks, as well as electronic transfers via ACH or wire transfers. This degree of flexibility empowers CRBs to efficiently manage their financial transactions in alignment with their distinct business requirements.

One notable advantage of the Dama Banking Solution is the provision for cash pick-up and deposit services through an armored courier. This service ensures that cash deposits are handled securely and expediently, minimizing any potential risks associated with the transportation and deposit of cash. Furthermore, clients can conveniently access their accounts around the clock via a user-friendly online platform or mobile application, enabling them to effortlessly manage their finances from any location.

The Dama Banking Solution also streamlines the process of disbursing payments by offering electronic payment options or check issuance for approved vendors, tax authorities, and employees. This functionality simplifies the management of accounts payable for CRBs, guaranteeing accurate and timely payments to all stakeholders involved.

Moreover, CRBs utilizing the Dama Financial services can receive funds electronically from pre-approved partners and seamlessly transfer money between their Dama-managed accounts. This facilitates swift and hassle-free transactions, enabling businesses to optimize their financial operations.

In addition to the primary account features, clients of Dama Financial can access a secondary interest-earning account, providing an opportunity to earn interest on their balances. This functionality enhances the financial prospects for CRBs, allowing them to maximize the value of their funds.

Dama Financial places great emphasis on delivering exceptional client service, prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of their clients. Each client is assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager who provides personalized support, guidance, and assistance throughout the banking experience. This attentive approach ensures that CRBs receive the individualized attention and solutions required to meet their specific banking needs.

Businesses seeking a transparent and secure banking solution tailored to the unique demands of CRBs are invited to submit applications to Dama Financial. By choosing the Dama Banking Solution, these businesses gain access to a comprehensive suite of services that includes cash pick-up and deposit by armored courier, 24/7 online and mobile account access, electronic and check-based payment capabilities for approved vendors, tax authorities, and employees, electronic funds receipt from approved partners, quick money transfers between Dama-managed accounts, the opportunity to earn interest through a secondary interest-earning account, and unparalleled client service delivered by dedicated Relationship Managers.



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Dama Financial is an agent of its partnering financial institutions. Your funds will be deposited into a custodial account maintained for the benefit of account holders at one or more FDIC-insured institutions. Fees, terms and conditions apply to depositing funds into and using your Account. Account Terms and Conditions and Fee Schedule are available upon registration to access the online application.


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