Cannabis and Hemp Industry Insurance

Every business needs insurance that protects them from liability and financial loss. Cannabis and hemp insurance policies focus on the needs of companies operating in this unique industry. Many insurers offer a variety of cannabis and hemp insurance products designed to meet each business’s specific needs. Anyone interested in starting or expanding a business in the cannabis and hemp industries should spend some time learning about and comparing their insurance options.

Skyfront Insurance provides custom tailored insurance solutions for cannabis and hemp businesses of all types. Our philosophy is insurance should provide adequate coverage for business risks, as well be affordable and attainable for those cannabis and hemp industry. As a leading cannabis insurance provider, we can help identify enterprise risks, assess gaps in current coverage, and obtain insurance solutions tailored to your business needs.


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Who We Cover

  • Ancillary Cannabis Businesses
  • Hemp Farmers
  • Cannabis & Hemp Cultivators (Indoor, Outdoor, and Greenhouse)
  • Cannabis & Hemp Landlords
  • Medical Dispensaries
  • Recreational Dispensaries
  • Cannabis Physicians
  • Cannabis, Hemp, & CBD Product Manufacturers
  • Cannabis & Hemp Events
  • Cannabis Commercial Kitchens/ Edible Producers
  • Extraction Laboratories/ Concentrate Manufacturers
  • Delivery Services
  • Wholesale and Distributes
  • Transportation and Logistics Companies
  • Laboratories and Testing Facilities

Other Services

  • Industry Consulting
  • Policy Review
  • Risk Management Coverage Analysis
  • Will Serve Letters

Skyfront Insurance

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